Accounts types

The basic account is limited to 40 min and 100 people – the 40 minute limit can be removed if you apply as a school for the covid19 period

Things to do before you start

  • Make sure your cam is working and framing is good
  • A second screen is a handle way of having additional information at a glance
  • Have a few useful virtual backgrounds ready to go – optional but lots of fun.
  • Like any other night in the hall, have a plan! And resources ready for the next activity.
    • Having different people running different activities keeps it fresh too
    • Run it shorter than a normal night (1 hour was a good time for scouts – normally 2 hours)
  • If doing parade, badge presentations think of ways to keep things light and fun
    • You can pass a scarf through a screen for an investiture if you think about it!

Activities ideas

  • Drawing guessing Games – the chat window prevents every yelling answers at once
  • is a fun, interactive way to have a quiz! 
    • Test screen sharing beforehand as it takes over the app for everyone else (ie you can’t test during the game before)
    • Might work better if participants are on computers instead of phones or have two devices (one for questions and one for answer screen)
  • Scavenger Hunts – just get all participants to mute their mics before starting

Things to do during

  • The mute button is your friend, if you’re not speaking aim to have your mic muted, explain this as a rule of the chat when you start (for younger sections plan to have the host in control of the muting.)
    • The space bar is a handy way to manage this but note if you change apps its stops working
  • Have fun with it! If you’re having fun so will the kids!

Some pro tips to up your webcam game!

1) Put your laptop or phone on a stack of books, because no one wants to look up your nostrils.

2) Get some headphones, and plug them in to your laptop to stop feedback and echoes.

3) Your light source should be from a light placed or to the side of the camera, the screen is not enough and it makes you look like a zombie. Maybe point a desk lamp against the wall behind your computer for a nice soft light.

4) Have as little in the background as possible and have a look at the framing of your own video before the call starts, things sticking out from behind your head are quite distracting.

5) Learn to listen to the other speakers, and don’t say ‘uh-huh’ it just cuts the speaker’s audio out, if you don’t have anything to contribute for a while mute your microphone.

6) Take off ear and neck jewellery to avoid the clanky-clanky sound.

7) Please put your dog or cat in another room and close the door.

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