What is Cub Scouts all about?

    Cub Scouts is for boys and girls aged between 8 and 10 years. They generally meet once a week as well as going on some super cool weekend activities.

    There are fun camps for Cub Scouts which could have interesting themes like ‘Space Odyssey’ or ‘Pirates on the High Seas’. Those who achieve their ‘Camp Out’ badge can join a 5-day ‘Cuboree’ with hundreds of other excited Cub Scouts at Gilwell Park, near Gembrook.

    Cub Scouts play fantastic games like scavenger hunts or they might build a catapult together.

    They can also earn a range of badges for bushcraft, cooking, canoeing and many other skills.  There’s even a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ badge, designed with the help of Victoria Police, which involves the Cub Scouts being aware of emergency phone numbers and learning about security issues for themselves or their homes.

    The highest achievement in the Cub Scout section is to earn the Grey Wolf award.