Starting Monday April 13, get ready for a new type of home school program where turtles are teachers and reef fish can be made out of egg cartons and bottle tops!

The #AtHomeWithSixSenses Junior Marine Biology Program is a fun 10-week course for budding conservationists, inspired by the initiative that usually runs at Six Senses Laamu. Each week, our marine biologists on the island will host short videos and demonstrate activities that you can then try at home. The course is open to everyone and there will be content available and suitable for all ages. We are expecting some very special events over the next few weeks on the island, including turtle hatching in May, which we will do our best to bring to you.

Don’t worry if you’re quarantined in a city apartment without views of dolphins from your balcony: all activities take into account the restrictions we have at home during this time. All you will need is enthusiasm and a little creativity to upcycle and rediscover a few unwanted items lying around at home to achieve an A Grade.

Students will be encouraged to share their “homework” by email to and on social media using the #AtHomeWithSixSenses #GrowWithSixSenses #SixSensesLaamu hashtags. These masterpieces by our little VIPs will be published on Six Senses media channels and highlighted in the weekly videos.

Over the next 10 weeks, you can learn about manta rays, corals, turtles and reef fish. You can explore seagrass and mangroves and how they are vital habitats for a diversity of marine life. Broader topics cover science research, sustainability and how to share your passion for science.

Although the structure, by necessity, is slightly different to what children might enjoy on vacation in the Maldives, the objective is the same. It aims to help foster an understanding of marine biology and see first-hand the importance of conserving our oceans. We will also be sharing ways for you to get involved in various conservation initiatives because every action, no matter how small, can have a positive impact.

The Junior Marine Biology program, which launched a year ago, was initially inspired by a young guest at Six Senses Laamu. Unable to join his parents on dive trips, he ventured out with one of our marine biologists on a shallow-water snorkel. His curiosity inspired the team to create the program for all like-minded marine enthusiasts. Sessions are led by one of 10 biologists, each of whom specializes in different aspects of marine science and science communication as part of their work with the Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI). Over the past year, we have run hundreds of hours of private sessions and certified dozens of junior marine biologists.

MUI is an initiative by Six Senses Laamu in partnership with three NGOs: Blue Marine Foundation, the Manta Trust and the Olive Ridley Project. The mission is to lead the tourism industry in the Maldives by undertaking meaningful marine conservation focused around the three pillars of research, education and community. One of the team’s many pioneering projects includes an underwater contactless ultrasound scanner for Laamu’s resident population of pregnant manta rays in order to study gestation and embryonic development and guide conservation strategies. MUI was also recently honored with the ‘Best for Wildlife and Nature Conservation’ Award for its #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass campaign at the World Travel Market’s Responsible Tourism Awards.

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